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Catherine Watson Counsellor/Psychotherapist MBACP (Accredited), MSc Psychology, PGDipCouns

I am a person-centred / pluralistic counsellor and psychotherapist. I am an accredited member of the BACP. The person-centred approach based on Carl Rogers' work is the approach I originally trained in (at UEA), but I have since then expanded my ways of working to meet many individual client needs and preferences, which is what I mean by 'pluralistic'.

The idea behind the name Clear Reflection is that when we explore our concerns with a person who is trained and skilled in listening, we can see a clearer picture of ourselves and what is going on in our lives as if we are looking in a mirror. We can also take time to think and reflect out loud, which can make our thought processes become clearer. As well as providing a safe space for you to explore your concerns, I am happy to use other methods such as CBT, Mindfulness and Focusing with those who would like to work in a more structured way.

I am experienced with working with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and other diagnosed mood and anxiety disorders, whether you choose to embrace a diagnosis you've been given or see your experience in a different way. I also frequently carry out bereavement work and can do a structured exploration of this if preferred. Relationships, work stress, post-natal difficulties and decision making are also among the topics I often work with. Whatever your concerns, I aim to see you as a whole person in the context of your life and experiences, rather than simply treating a 'problem'. I am also a part time Associate Lecturer with The Open University in the School of Psychology & Counselling and have a Masters in Experimental Psychology from the University of Sussex.


If you're a creative or outdoorsy person, or would find it difficult to attend sessions in person, read about alternative services I can offer.

I have a strong interest in trauma, having completed Bessel van der Kolk's 'Trauma Treatment Mastery Certificate' and the NICABM 'Advanced Master Program in the Treatment of Trauma'. I now also offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), a specialised psychotherapeutic treatment for trauma (Training organisation: EMDR Works). EMDR can be used for one-off incidents or longer term, chronic trauma and helps to reprocess memories so you no longer feel the extent of the negative emotions originally associated with them. Trauma does not have to be something dramatic like a car accident, it is your response to any experience where you felt unsafe, humiliated, shameful, abandoned, afraid etc., and the experience still affects you today. It can also be used for adverse life events which may not be typically defined as traumatic by the medical definitions of trauma - you do not need to have a diagnosis of PTSD to benefit from this treatment. If you choose to try EMDR therapy, I will tailor this to your individual needs and can incorporate other relevant trauma informed treatments where appropriate. If we meet online, I would use the 'butterfly hug' or tapping rather than eye movements. If we meet face to face, eye movement work can be carried out with the use of a custom light bar, or alternatively we can use headphones with alternating sounds in each ear or buzzers in each hand. If you prefer not to use equipment, the butterfly hug or tapping are also effective in person.

Additional special interests of mine are climate change grief/anxiety and Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia). 

Sessions are usually held in Norwich Wellbeing Centre.

50 minute session:

General Counselling: £50, EMDR: £60

See my privacy statement for details of how I will process and use your data.

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